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"Hardy Minnesotans by the thousands braved the cold to audition for NBC's "Deal or No Deal." The goal was to get noticed, somehow."

Original entry found in the Star Tribune.

On Saturday morning, thousands of Minnesotans waited out in the cold for hours in order audition for the NBC show "Deal or No Deal".

The show is making two stops to try and find contestants. Here in the Twin Cities and in Philadelphia. The producer is looking for people who are fun and energetic. He also wants people who are easy to root for and who he feels deserve to win the money.

The actual auditions took place at Denny Hecter's Toyota dealership in Inver Grove Heights.

The scene must have looked pretty funny as people were trying to stay warm however they could. They were also trying to impress the judges in their costumes. Some people wore normal coats while others were in hunting clothes, santa clause outfits and one woman was even wearing a bear costume.