Here we go...

I guess in order to come out of this a better person, I should probably start at the beginning and work my way through everything that has happened. I will refer to my ex boyfriend as C for privacy reasons.

I met C when I was a freshman in high school- we were introduced by a mutual friend. He was completely smitten with me and I was definitely not interested. I was more focused on my running and tennis than boys. He was so persistent that I finally gave in and went on a date with him- on Valentine's Day in 2003. He let me pick the movie and we saw "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". We had a connection right off the bat and we dated until junior year in high school when we had a little drama.

He became interested in another girl and he broke up with me so that he could be with her. I was completely heart broken. A month or so later, he came crawling back and apologized. I took him back and we were together for another couple of months until he broke up with me for her again. At this point, I cut him out of my life (or at least the best I could being that we were still in high school and I still saw him every day). Surprisingly, a month or so later, he came crawling back again. At first I was absolutely insistent on staying far away from him. One day, he came to my work and talked me into taking him back (he happens to be a very charming individual). So, we tried our relationship again. Needless to say, my friends and family were not too happy with me for taking him back, but I was convinced that he was my soul mate.

We finished high school and were still together and better than ever. We both decided to go to the University of Minnesota for school and lived in dorms on opposite sides of the campus. We had a few minor bumps that I think come along with moving out and meeting new people and having new experiences. For the most part, the next four years were pretty amazing. We did a lot of traveling together and we just kept growing closer. I graduated in four years (May of 2009) and started graduate school at a nearby private university while he finished up his fifth year at the U.

This year when I was in graduate school and he was finishing up his bachelor's degree was kind of a challenge for us. I was in school all the time and had a lot of homework. We didn't live together so it was a real challenge to make time for us to be together. He was swamped with school as well and had an extracurricular activity that consumed most of his time. We made the best of it and spent most of our free time together. It was hard because we were both so tired from everything we were doing that when we did see each other, we mainly stayed in and made dinner or watched tv and enjoyed each others company. We kept saying "Just wait until this summer- we are going to spend so much time together and it will make this all worth it." He graduated and summer rolled around and we still had trouble making time to hang out.

That's all I have time for tonight, I'll start the intense break up part of the story in the next few days. It's pretty juicy, but very painful to talk about so I will write when I am ready.

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