Where to start?

I was listening to Pandora recently when I heard the soulful voice of Al Green ask "How do you mend a broken heart?" The simple answer? You don't. This is proven by the lyrics that came next- "How do you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining?" I am currently experiencing my first very painful break up and I am scared to death that I will never really mend my poor little shattered heart. I am hoping that through blogging I will be able to put my heart back together the best I can and maybe even create a stronger and healthier heart that will be harder to break the next time. All of the advice I have been given says that time will heal my wounds. I respect and appreciate this, but I think sharing this journey will help me come to terms with it will help me even more. I know that I am not the first person to have a broken heart, and I certainly won't be the last so please join me on this terrifying journey.

Tomorrow I will give details on the break up so rest up tonight because there will be a lot of reading to do tomorrow!

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