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Site Launched.

Here is a blog for the UMPDS. We already have a blog. Why another?

The postings at are posted by the E-Board to keep us up to date on team events and to manage the class. To keep it orderly, only a few people can post announcements there. This blog is here to encourage debate-related discussion outside of the classroom. So far, anyone who gets the Week in Review sent to his or her x.500 email address is listed as an author of this blog, and can post here.

There are categories for case construction, debate technique, and counterplan, disadvantage, and theory strategy, as well as for events announcement and actually posted substantive debates. In class, our lectures are mostly one-way, and practice is mostly a time to learn by doing. This is intended to be a place to ask questions about something that came up in your last debate, get early feedback on an argument you've been thinking about, or to collaborate with other UMPDS members on a new case.

You should be able to post by going here.



I think that originally the official blog was supposed to be more like what I'm aiming for with this site, but that there is also a need for a class website, so that site became it. This is to be more aimed at UMPDS as a team.