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Here's what you need to know:
Email me at poth0018@umn.edu if you can't post for some reason. Include your .x500 ID.

Anyone can comment on a post by clicking on "comments" underneath it. If your .x500 ID has been authorized, you can post to the board, edit previous posts, upload files, and make changes to the site by clicking "sign in to post or edit" (read the instruction on that page).


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This blog is simply the best idea I've seen since walking into Ford 150 with Spencey B on the second day of Spring semester 06! Great job Shanti!

Shanti, I applaud and thank you for your efforts, but as a fellow web designer, I am forced to say that translucent PNGs placed over animated backdrops make me die a little bit inside. And the dancing lights are just enough to distract me from the small, tightly-spaced, serif font that all the content is presented in.

Also, a friend of mine owns a web design/hosting company. If you would like a (free) way to get this off of your personal umn webspace, let me know, I'd be happy to help out.

And finally, www.umpds.org redirects here, but plain umpds.org still goes to blogspot. By design or not, this behavior is strange.

I think we need flaming skull gifs and midi files in the background that you can't turn off, personally.

Dan, you should see some of the horridly clashing color schemes I had on this site before anyone was visiting. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/poth0018/umpds/blog/UM%20Pixies.gif
is a toned-down version of the original background.

Shanti, the post thing isn't working!

Should be at least sort of working now. They changed the URL structure or something; it still seems a little glitchy. So the current link is to blog.lib.umn.edu, which should let you choose any umn blog that you're a registered author for. Email me if it still doesn't work.

You spell "debate" wrong on the left sidebar. That doesn't look so good for a debate team. You should really fix that.