November 15, 2006

Printing Evidence

As great as it is that we got a huge load of free evidence, there's a bit of a down side to the digital format...
Anyone know a cheap way to print it all? Is there a chance the team will pay for that, since the rest is all free?

November 14, 2006

Critique of the Supreme Court?

I was wandering the Wilson library looking for a few books on libertarian political philosophy when I came across this book, by pure accident, titled Supreme Court and Political Freedom by a guy named Krislov. Intrigued, I picked it off the shelf and read the introduction. There are a few things to note: a.) He once taught here b.) The book seems to be critical of the Supreme Court.

Could this be cut into a sweet Supreme Court K? It would specifically link into every topical case for the policy topic! I'm not sure if its even viable, but certainly worthing suggesting. I'll find some time to browse through the book and see.

In the meantime, any thoughts on feasability?