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Romney takes heat for 'humerous' story

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Mitt Romney finds himself under fire for telling a story about his father that he called "humerous."The Huffington Post reports that Romney told the story during a tele-town hall meeting in Wisconsin. He told of his father, who was president of American Motors, moving his factory from Michigan into Wisconsin, according to the Huffington post. Romeny said that his father moving the company to Wisconsin made it difficult for him to run for governer in Michigan.

While Romeny saw it as a funny anecdote, others didn't take it as lightly. The Huffington Post reported that the outrage spurred from Romney making a joke about layoffs in tough economic times. David Shepardson, the DC beureau chief of the Detroit news tweeted that George Romney's decision to move the Michigan plant "cos[ted] 4,300 workers their jobs," the Huffington Post said.

Romney's spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted: "You know what's humerous?
Caterwauling from the Dems about Mitt's recall of a campaign story involving his dad. #fakeoutrage," The Huffington Post reported.

But the story didn't stop Romney from winning Wisconsin. The Washington Post reports that Romney beat Santorum, 39 percent to 31 percent.


Analysis: Sourcing in story about Trayvon Martin

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It's clear that this story pitch (about people coming together in North Minneapolis to rally against gun violence) spurred from the controversy that's been in the news lately about a white Florida man shooting a young black boy, claiming it was self defense. Because it was a local newspaper, however, the story was about how the shooting could be used as a tool to speak against gun violence in Minneapolis.

It seems as if the writer tried to find as many sources as possible. Most of the sources in the story were useful and added to the story. Those sources included family members of shooting victims that made headlines locally in the past year. The amount of sources became overwhelming, however, toward the end of the story. The writer named many new sources, and then mentioned an earlier source in the last new paragraph. While it helped propel the story forward, the amount of names included made the article overwhelming to read and difficult to remember all of the names.

The only thing I would have done differently is to leave out a few sources to make the story less confusing. I would have focused on the sources who were friends and family of the victims, instead of vice presidents of organizations and foundations. I also would have used Trayvon's name in the story, instead of referring to him as a young black teen who was shot by a white Florida man. At this point, the story has been reported so many times that anyone paying attention to the news would know the name Trayvon Martin.

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