Supsicious rocket testing from North Korea expected to be a nuclear missile launch.

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In an effort to celebrate the 100th anniversary of founder Kim Il-Sung, North Korea is claiming they will launch a rocket with an attached sattelite, according to CNN. But South Korea and other countries are under the suspicion that North Korea is planning a nuclear missle test launch.

According to the Washington Post, the South Korean government released evidence that the rocket-launching is, in fact, a missile test. But these kinds of predictions have been made over the past two years, the Washington Post said, and some believe it's simply a political trick.

It could be "red herring election move by conservatives," said one of South Korea's online newspaper headlines.

CNN reports that North Korea had tested nuclear missiles in 2006 and 2009, and if they go through with this launch, it would violate United Nations Security Council resolutions.


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