August 7, 2006

Who am I? Where do I come from?

Hey! I’m Kate. I went to a small extremely liberal high school, the school of environmental studies (SES). And I love it to death. I cried the hardest ever when I had to leave it, because it was like leaving my family. I think about it all the time and wish I never had to leave it. What I learned at SES helped me to discover what I wanted out of life. I want to make a difference, but not in the usual way. I want to do something with the environment, but I don’t want to be a park ranger. SES opened my eyes to the world, it brought me to New Zealand, Buffalo Ridge, the Iron Range, St. Charles Minnesota, Chicago, Lebanon hills, the zoo, the U of MN, suburbs, exurbs, mill ruins. We went camping, all year round, fall, winter and spring. We had our "spot" around Birch Pond where we would go to reflect on nature and our lives.
But less on the past and more on the future. Why here? Why now? There were two things that I was drawn to. I have always seen myself as a successful business woman, wearing designer suits and directing people. SES also made me passionate about the environment, not in a tree hugging way exactly, but rather I realized that the majority of our environmental problems had come from business and that is where I have decided to place myself in business. Last fall when i was touring the U I took two tours, one of the St. Paul campus, to see what there was offered for environmental science, and I took a tour of Carlson because I figured that I could get into Carlson and find a way to put the two together. But after my first tour, my admissions counselor called me and told me about the major which I was looking for: Corporate Environmental Management. It was exactly what I am looking for, and now I am trying to make it work through Carlson, rather than through CFANS. I finally decided on the U because it was the only place besides Alaska I found that was a large enough university to have both business and natural resources. Hopefully I will be able to stay in Carlson and find a way to make everything work.