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The above image was an e-mail I received from Boynton asking for survey participation. In order to reduce [nonresponse] error, they explained the source, purpose, and brevity of the survey, provided incentive, notified me prior with no expiration date, and assured my anonymity and confidentiality.

It is obvious that her survey is intended to gather personal and political values and beliefs of University-associated females regarding abortion, healthcare, and sex. She did a good job on the survey layout and design (for the most part) concerning sensitive topics and personal, typically unshared information.

Beyond this, I had a few concerns with question design. A few examples:
Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 8.20.56 AM.png
I consider this question to be leading. It is assumed that the participant has been in a sexual or romantic relationship, which perhaps not all have. And is also sort-of irrelevant in cases of participants that haven't had a "relationship" recently or currently. What is considered "recent"? And what is considered a "relationship"?

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 8.17.25 AM.png
The two follow-up questions here are unclear. Perhaps my screenshot should have covered the 25a-c questions to support my qualms, however, this section was unclear in that I did not know if the question about male and then female partners were just concerning the past 12 months. The questions varied from 3 months of activity to 12. They were a bit jumbled and confusing regarding the time span.

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 8.12.52 AM.png
This multiple-choice nominal measurement is visually unclear to me (the category labels on top), as well as needs either a separate category or explanation box for someone like me; I learned about some of the topics from religious leaders but attended a private Catholic K-8. My teachers back then were considered religious leaders but only in my school, not the outside world, as they are not religious experts.

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 8.09.48 AM.png
This question almost deterred me from completing the survey because I began to wonder if all survey questions would be so lengthy and wordy.

Questions about changing attitudes should have been created, too. I may have learned about such topics in a conservative, religious manner, but have changed due to external pressures since Eighth Grade.

This survey definitely contains external validity as field research. However, with topics so sensitive, the researcher must consider participants' personal awareness and level of admittance in the survey.

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