Cars influence voting?

| No Comments did a survey via Facebook of 600+ people identifying themselves as Democrat/liberal or Republican/conservative asking what they drive. The respondents were allowed to select the type of car he/she drives. The following results were published were based on their identifying party and car selection then categorized into car type:

Primary findings show that 29% of Republicans/conservatives drive a pickup truck, 27% of Democrats/liberals drive compact cars. People in both parties agree they like SUVs and crossovers about equally with 20 percent for Republicans/conservatives vs. 18 percent for Democrats/liberals. Members of both parties dislike hybrid/alternative-fuel vehicles about the same. Hybrid/alternative-fuel vehicles came in last place for Democrats and second-to-last place for Republicans, just above the van/minivan segment. Still, with 6 percent market share among Democrats, the hybrid segment is more than twice as popular with them as it is with Republicans, who drive hybrids only 3 percent of the time.

Though this is just a summary of the article published on, the survey seems too simple (only 1 multiple choice question and the account member's 'Political View'). The independent variable is party affiliation and the dependent being car type. The survey does not reveal the ages of the respondents, the likelihood of actually going to the polls if he/she is indeed over 18, and excludes drivers without Facebook accounts. The selection could have been random, however it is not truly reliable as it is not an population but just a poll of a specific social media network's user. I do not know how the question was worded but the 'most members of both parties dislike parties' is a negative assumption, as they may not be disliked but rather not owned due to external factors such as cost, availability, practicality, size, etc.

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