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The above survey was conducted about twice per month from January 26, 2009 to October 29, 2012 by Fox News under the direction of Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research. President Obama's job approval rate is ranked in comparison to former President George W. Bush. The poll is based on landline and cell phone interviews with approximately 900 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide. The sampling error is +/- three percent points with minor weights applied to age, race, and gender variables but no political party affiliation variable.

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This screenshot compares Republican opinion to overall opinion. As of the latest October poll, Republican approval rate is at an (almost) all-time low with 90%, whereas Democratic approval is at 91%, clearly demonstrating very strong oppositional views of the Democratic President. Independent approval rate as of October was split at 42% and 52% disapproval.

The poll graphic is undated, so viewers must assume the article has not been updated since the recent presidential election, at a time when Presidential approval may fluctuate greatly and not represent everyday views. The chart is purely visual without any writing or explanation and the sample size, though random, is not necessarily reliable, as it is not an acceptable participation pool with fewer than 1,200 participants. Phone interviews also eliminate some of the population of registered voters that do not have homes with landlines or mobile phones, which eliminates a significant opinion that does indeed matter when it comes to 'overal approval', making the poll ungeneralizable.

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