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To launch their campaign on a new integrated care and support system for older Americans and their caregivers, Volunteers of America did research with hopes of validating the reasoning for their Aging with Options Initiative. Questions covered topics such as monetary planning, taxes, desire for independence or care, workplace flexibility, and family (as follows):

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The research was conducted by Lake Research Partners and American Viewpoint. 1,200 adults age 45+ were surveyed nationwide, with an oversample of 250 adults ages 45-60 who are care providers to an elder family member. The survey was conducted by phone April 7-14, 2010 and stratified by gender and geographically to reflect the population. The margin of error for the base was +/- 2.8% and +/- 4.4% for the oversample.

VoA used pie charts and bar graphs to represent the numerals and percentages of those surveyed with their responses. The report states that "a woman can expect to spend 18 years caring for a parent" but none of the graphics displayed prove such a claim, including the number of years or gender of care provider. I also have a problem with the limited, close-endedness of the questions. Participants were given the options "yes" or "no" and "not likely", "likely/somewhat likely", and "don't know". There is not enough of a variation in response options and VoA consistently refers to participants of specific examples as "these people", which is not clear enough for such a study needing to be exact. A finding VoA claims to have found is that "most common types of assistance include housework and cooking...medical care, talking with doctors, transportation, and daily activities such as bathing, eating, and getting dressed", however there was no question or poll reported to ask about such duties. Even if people were polled, were they current caregivers or expected caregivers? Whom are they providing care for and what are the disabilities of him/her that require individual care? How many people were polled? Were the questions free response or multiple choice? There are too many variables that a claim cannot be made without more specific findings.

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