Assignment 7


Below I took 3 of the most feasible product ideas that I came up with and created a Pugh chart for them. Within the chart I decided to evaluate the ideas based on:



These are high tech products and with limited knowledge I used google to evaluate which ideas would be the most possible. Based on the Pugh chart the water/bacteria/stain- resistant car interior is the best option. This is a product whose customer would be car manufacturers, who then could market it as a standard for car interior raising raising the price of cars and giving a competitive advantage against other car manufacturers.

Assignment 5


The product that I would like to focus on for this assignment is tires. Tires in the winter are crucial in making sure that we have enough traction for slick roads due to snow and ice. Many people hit patches of ice and slide all over the place or they get stuck because there isn't enough traction to propel them from snow banks.

Substitute: Can I replace rubber tires with a different material?


Combine: Can I combine or merge it with other objects?


Adapt: Whom could I emulate?

Polar bears

Magnify: What can be magnified or made larger?

Tire Tread

Put to other use: Are there other possible uses if modified?

Tires could be used as added protection from impact, if they happen to slip on ice could prevent the car from hitting objects

Could also be used as a means to dig a car out of banks of snow

Eliminate: Should I Split it into different parts?

the tire could be split into different materials

Reverse/Rearrange: Change Layout?

Change the layout of the tread so that it is more effective at gripping the road


Assignment 4


For those of you who may not have known, my two problem statements were as follows:

Steve is a 22 year old pizza delivery guy that needs tires that will not be effected by ice and heavy snow.

Ashley is a 25 year old film student who wants to improve her own safety while driving against other winter drivers.

The people that were originally supposed to be in my brainstorming session flaked on me so I had to choose some last minute participants. The participants that I chose to use were my Little brother Kahdari who lives with me, my roommate Troy, My co-worker Steve and his buddy Malby. Steve and Malby just happened to be over at the perfect time for me to complete the assignment.

We began the brain storming session by playing a warm up game that I made up myself. The game was called "Top 40 remix hits". Each of us chose a song of our choice and the others gave you the word. For example my roommate Troy chose to remix Mike Jones- "Back Then" and his topic was fast food.

Steve singing a remix of gnarls barkley

Sample lyric: "French fries I'm dipping, Coca cola i'm sipping, Catch me eaten chicken with the grease dripping, turn your neck and yo piece mission".

That warm up game took longer than expected because we eventually started a free style session, so there was no time to start a second warm up game.

I gave all four participants large sheets of paper where they could write down their ideas because I did not have any note cards or sticky notes. After 20 mins of brain storming because Malby had to leave, we went through all of their ideas and chose the best 5. We noticed that most of the ideas had to do with some type of new modification for an existing piece.

For the first Question, "How might we make it so cars aren't affected by ice and snow while driving?", the ideas consisted of heating the tires, vibrating the tires, or putting spikes on the tires.

For the second question, "How might we improve car safety?, a majority of the ideas involved reinforcing the exterior of the car.

My little brother Kahdari was the one who came up with most of the ideas. His creativity seemed to kick in more than the older guys.

Assignment 3

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The theme that I am focusing on is Winter Driving. Winter driving can be one of the most stressful things for people depending how much snow and ice happen to be on the ground. Winter driving can also be very stressful for the fact that most people hate the process of clearing snow off of the car or having to warm up the car. With no snow or ice on the ground for me to observe or experience winter driving I had to use statistics and research online to make up for this. Those that I interviewed were people from different backgrounds and driving experiences.

I interviewed three different people asking them the same 10 questions:

1. Describe in 1-2 sentences the emotions you feel driving in the winter?
2. How long have you been driving?
3. Describe a typical winter morning driving?
4. What type of vehicle do you prefer when driving in the snow?
5. What would you improve about your current car to prepare for winter?
6. On a scale of 1-10 how comfortable are you driving in the snow?
7. What kind of tools do you use in the winter for your car?
8. Can you describe the process of clearing snow of a car from your experience?
9. what would make winter driving a better experience for you?
10. If there was a movie made about you driving in the winter what would it be called?

The first person I interviewed was Kelly Chatman, 56 yrs old, Pastor, and Husband. Kelly has been driving for numerous years and has been raised in the midwest where he has seen plenty of snow. Based on his answers from the interview, I got from kelly that winter driving is very stressful because of the process of trying to stay warm while the car heats up. He described his emotions while driving as a roller coaster because he feels low until the car heats up and then he has more energy.

The second person that I interviewed would be 22 year old Steve Knott, student and pizza delivery guy. Steve has a lot of experience driving in the winter because he has been delivering pizza for 3 years now. When asked what would he improve about his current vehicle to prepare for the winter he said that he would add a hot cocoa dispenser and big wheels to get through the snow. Steve lives in a rural area where the roads are not the best so many of his neighbors get stuck when heavy snow falls.

The third person that I interviewed was 25 year old Ashley, who is a student, and film editor. When asked how comfortable she is is driving in the snow Ashley said a 4. She gave such a low number because she said that other people make her nervous. She believes that she is a good driver but has been in accidents because of reckless people who hit her. When asked what would make winter driving a better experience she said that she wish her car repelled people away from her and that her steering wheel was never cold.

With no snow on the ground for me to fully experience or observe winter driving i had to rely on statistics and youtube videos.

Minnesota is one of the leading states in fatalities due to icy roads
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.24.02 AM.png

I also watch a few youtube videos observing people driving in winter conditions and clearing snow off of their car.
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.29.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.30.43 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.32.37 AM.png
Even though there is no snow on the ground, I have experienced an extremely cold steering wheel and the struggle for heating up the car. Having a cold steering wheel and not having any gloves in one of the worst experiences when sitting in an already freezing cars. I have also sat in my friends car recently who has heated seats, which does wonders for my rear end but it still doesn't defeat a cold steering wheel.

Steve is a 22 year old pizza delivery guy that needs tires that will not be effected by ice and heavy snow.

Ashley is a 25 year old film student who wants to improve her own safety while driving against other winter drivers.

Assignment 2


In order for me to get a playful mood to complete the assignments, I watched 3 episodes of The Boondocks. After watching the boondocks me and my roommates made a trip to Wal-Mart where we ended up playing dodge ball in the toy aisle. Once I returned home I started on my mind map. Some of the sub themes that I came up with included, winter sports, winter clothing, winter equipment, warm winter drinks, and winter music. Many of the ideas that I came up with some feature of staying warm or having a warm sensation with clothing or a piece of winter equipment. The ideas that I had with music were the ideas that gave the warm sensation. Music may not make you warm but listening to music takes my mind off of being cold, therefore making me think I am warmer than what I am.


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