Assignment 2


In order for me to get a playful mood to complete the assignments, I watched 3 episodes of The Boondocks. After watching the boondocks me and my roommates made a trip to Wal-Mart where we ended up playing dodge ball in the toy aisle. Once I returned home I started on my mind map. Some of the sub themes that I came up with included, winter sports, winter clothing, winter equipment, warm winter drinks, and winter music. Many of the ideas that I came up with some feature of staying warm or having a warm sensation with clothing or a piece of winter equipment. The ideas that I had with music were the ideas that gave the warm sensation. Music may not make you warm but listening to music takes my mind off of being cold, therefore making me think I am warmer than what I am.



The way that you narrate your process is very matter of fact. I did this, and then this, then worked on this. Is there a way that you could write it so that it engages your readers more? It would be more helpful if the segment that was about the mind map was below the picture or separated from part one. If all your things relate to warm, as you pointed out, is the mind map really exploring all aspects of winter or is it about warmth? Lastly could you please fix your pictures so they are the correct size.


One more thing, if you could allow us to see the whole picture by allowing us to click on it and bring up a new window, it would be very helpful.

The idea that music makes you feel warmer definitely resonates with me. I would have loved to see you expand more on the branches of your mind map to expand on the first associations you came up with. If you have the opportunity to scan your images, you might be able to get rid of the shadows. Cropping would also be useful here. Overall though, they look cleanly drawn, and I like the use of color. I also would really like to have that music playing hat!

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