Assignment 4


For those of you who may not have known, my two problem statements were as follows:

Steve is a 22 year old pizza delivery guy that needs tires that will not be effected by ice and heavy snow.

Ashley is a 25 year old film student who wants to improve her own safety while driving against other winter drivers.

The people that were originally supposed to be in my brainstorming session flaked on me so I had to choose some last minute participants. The participants that I chose to use were my Little brother Kahdari who lives with me, my roommate Troy, My co-worker Steve and his buddy Malby. Steve and Malby just happened to be over at the perfect time for me to complete the assignment.

We began the brain storming session by playing a warm up game that I made up myself. The game was called "Top 40 remix hits". Each of us chose a song of our choice and the others gave you the word. For example my roommate Troy chose to remix Mike Jones- "Back Then" and his topic was fast food.

Steve singing a remix of gnarls barkley

Sample lyric: "French fries I'm dipping, Coca cola i'm sipping, Catch me eaten chicken with the grease dripping, turn your neck and yo piece mission".

That warm up game took longer than expected because we eventually started a free style session, so there was no time to start a second warm up game.

I gave all four participants large sheets of paper where they could write down their ideas because I did not have any note cards or sticky notes. After 20 mins of brain storming because Malby had to leave, we went through all of their ideas and chose the best 5. We noticed that most of the ideas had to do with some type of new modification for an existing piece.

For the first Question, "How might we make it so cars aren't affected by ice and snow while driving?", the ideas consisted of heating the tires, vibrating the tires, or putting spikes on the tires.

For the second question, "How might we improve car safety?, a majority of the ideas involved reinforcing the exterior of the car.

My little brother Kahdari was the one who came up with most of the ideas. His creativity seemed to kick in more than the older guys.


I liked your improv game a lot. It looked like your participants had a lot of fun, and hopefully it helped to get them in a creative mindset. I also thought your takeaway (most of the ideas centered on a modification of an existing product) could give you a good starting point for the last few weeks of class.

I think your problem statements sound really interesting, but is there a way you could have rephrased them as "how might we?" statements? A good prompt can always help people come up with more ideas.

I also think it would have been interesting if your participants would have been able to add some drawings to their creative ideas. It might have help spark some among their fellow brainstormers.

First, from the picture I can feel that your group has a really good time in the brainstorming session. I like the game you created and it made you group be excited.

Second, you explained your problem statement really well and clearly. At the beginning, you explained the problem you found from the interview. I consider you didn’t rewrite it into the “How might we” format. But I am glad to see them in the middle of the blog after I go though all your blog.

Third, the ideas your group generated are explained clear in sentence. I thought it could be more interesting and standout if you can encourage them draw something.
And by seeing another's drawing, people maybe inspired and come out more surprise ideas.

It was great to hear about your improv game. It sounds like you really got everyone's creativity flowing.

I think it really hurt you though to not have pictures. Even small pictures are better than nothing. Once you had ideas you also could have re-drawn them with pictures for the blog post.

I also think that if you only brainstormed for 20 minutes for both sessions you may want to hold another session to have more ideas to choose from. I understand how it was hard to get people to do it though.

I liked the creativity of your ideas. It was good that some of them were silly like the bubble wrapping the car and it's interesting that your little brother came up with the most ideas because of how Barry talked about how kids are naturally more creative.

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