Assignment 5


The product that I would like to focus on for this assignment is tires. Tires in the winter are crucial in making sure that we have enough traction for slick roads due to snow and ice. Many people hit patches of ice and slide all over the place or they get stuck because there isn't enough traction to propel them from snow banks.

Substitute: Can I replace rubber tires with a different material?


Combine: Can I combine or merge it with other objects?


Adapt: Whom could I emulate?

Polar bears

Magnify: What can be magnified or made larger?

Tire Tread

Put to other use: Are there other possible uses if modified?

Tires could be used as added protection from impact, if they happen to slip on ice could prevent the car from hitting objects

Could also be used as a means to dig a car out of banks of snow

Eliminate: Should I Split it into different parts?

the tire could be split into different materials

Reverse/Rearrange: Change Layout?

Change the layout of the tread so that it is more effective at gripping the road



I think you have a really good start with the scamper process, listing materials, for example, that you could use to substitute for other materials in a tire is a really good place to begin! However, it would be nice to see some ideas for each of the scamper letters, and a sketch for each idea so we can see what you're thinking! It would also be nice to see your top ten ideas out of the whole process listed and pictured on your blog, this will help you narrow it down in the future!

I think you have a good start. I can tell that you had some good ideas based on what you listed in your categories. It would be beneficial to have an actual idea from each category along with a sketch. It would also be helpful for us to see your top ten ideas so we can get a larger view of what you are thinking for your product. I think you did have a good start, but some evolvement of your ideas would be beneficial.

It would have been nice if you would have included what your sub theme was just so I could see the direction you were coming from and trying to work towards. Your scamper process was off to a good start, like mentioned. I think your final product would have benefited more and would be way more creative if you would have seen the process through!

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