Assignment 7


Below I took 3 of the most feasible product ideas that I came up with and created a Pugh chart for them. Within the chart I decided to evaluate the ideas based on:



These are high tech products and with limited knowledge I used google to evaluate which ideas would be the most possible. Based on the Pugh chart the water/bacteria/stain- resistant car interior is the best option. This is a product whose customer would be car manufacturers, who then could market it as a standard for car interior raising raising the price of cars and giving a competitive advantage against other car manufacturers.



Congrats on an interesting product. I wish you well at the Walleye Tank. As to your post…

I think the Pugh Chart is a little skewed. I believe that Barry said we should choose a baseline product from amongst our ideas (giving it all S's), then evaluate others against that standard. You criteria seem valid however, and you have arrived at a logical conclusion. Your post is lacking the video component. I'm sure you're aware of that. :-) I had issues posting one too.


Hi Denetrick,
For the Pugh chart, you have to choose one of the products to be a baseline product which is all "S". Then the rest of the products are given plus or minus for each evaluation criteria based on comparison to the baseline product.

Looking at your products besides the one you chose, I can tell you that in Iceland (where I come from) we actually use Spiked tires during winter quite a lot. A disadvantage to that is that it's not good for the roads, so they are only allowed during a certain number of months.

As for your final product, it would have been nice if you had included a little more information on the final product in the post (for instance how you will accomplish the water/bacteria/stain resistance), though I did get the idea from your pitch today.

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