14 rescued, 2 missing from sinking ship in North Carolina

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The Coast Guard rescued 14 crewmembers Monday and is searching for two others after their ship began sinking off the North Carolina coast.

The crew of the three-mast ship set off a distress signal Sunday night when the ship began to take on water and they were forced to abandon ship, reports NBC news.

The Coast Guard said that while all 16 crewmembers made it into life rafts, only 14 were lifted to safety by Coast Guard helicopters, reports the Coshocton Tribune.

The ship, bound for St. Petersburg, Fla., had to battle 18-foot waves and 40 mph winds despite its attempt to avoid Hurricane Sandy, reports NBC.

"They were staying in constant contact with the National Hurricane Center," director of the HMS Bounty Organization Tracie Simonin said. "They were trying to make it around the storm."

The search is under way for the two missing crewmembers and it is still unclear why they were not among the rescued, reports the Coshocton Tribune.

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