Analysis Entry: Multimedia

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I compared multimedia options on the New York Times' website and Kare 11's website.

The New York Times offers many options such as graphics, video and photos for many of their stories. Many videos provide links to related articles. Writing for the videos contained more direct quotes than print articles and allowed the interviewees to speak for themselves.

The site also offers graphics and charts with certain articles. An interesting interactive graphic allowed the reader to compare body language used by the two presidential candidates by watching footage for each option and seeing a chart showing how frequently they used certain gestures. Here, a few short sentences of explanation appear depending on what the user has clicked on.

There are many slideshows available on the site as well. Each photo in a story is accompanied by one to three sentences of explanation and context for the photo. There is often a quote from whoever is in the picture as well.

Kare 11's site had fewer options for multimedia news reporting. Unlike the New York Times' videos, which often stood alone without text, Kare 11's videos often offer a print story too. A story covering Arlen Specter's death used both video and a short article to tell the story. While the video focused on his accomplishments and provided interviews, the print story gave the hard news and only a brief explanation of what he had done. Kare 11 also offers slideshows that follow the same format as the New York Times.

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