Analysis Entry: Speeches

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The LA Times's coverage of Paul Ryan's speech in Colorado Springs is an example of a standard speech coverage story.

The lead gives the most newsworthy part of the event: that Paul Ryan's speech, which focused on both domestic and foreign issues, was well received by the crowd. The news is not that he gave a speech- the news is that the crowd supported his and Romney's candidacy and their proposed policies.

The article's second paragraph describes the crowd in more detail (his speech was "repeatedly interrupted by cheers") and notes that the crowd was especially supportive of his military policies. The third paragraph is a direct quote about America's military and his and Romney's campaign promise.

The next few paragraphs give more specific details of the speech. Several paragraphs give more depth on why, where and when the speech was given. It includes a paragraph that gives specifics on his military spending plan and paints a clear picture of his reportedly dramatic entrance.

The article ends with providing the context and telling the reader why the speech is important. The crowd was predominantly conservative, according to the article, with many people frustrated with Obama's economic policies in particular. Ryan urged the crowd to vote early in the speech.

The last articles include an interview with a conservative crowd member who says why he approves of Romney and Ryan. The reporter included this to give the reader context- who was supporting Ryan during this speech and why they were supporting him.

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