Greek protesters clash with Police as EU meets in Brussels

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Thousands of Greek workers walked out of their jobs Thursday in the second nationwide strike in three weeks, according to the New York Times.

Demonstrators are protesting further austerity measures demanded by the country's lenders as well as cuts to pension and wages, reports NBC news.

"Just once the government ought to reject the troika's absurd demands," GSEE union leader Yannis Panagopoulos. According to NBC news, his union is one of the two influential unions in the country that represent 2 million Greek workers.

The strike is intentionally coinciding with a two day EU summit in Brussels to discuss plans for a banking union that begins Thursday, reports NBC news.

Some of the protests outside of Athens's Parliament building turned violent as a group of demonstrators threw bottles and rocks at police, reports CNN. This appears to have been in response to police presence during an otherwise peaceful protest.

Over 50 people were arrested and detained during these protests, according to the New York Times.

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