Minneapolis teacher dies after collapsing during class

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A science teacher died after she collapsed while teaching her class in a Minneapolis charter school Monday, reports the Star Tribune.

Lori Blomme, 40, taught at Menlo Park Academy in northeast Minneapolis. The school's principal said she collapsed during her third hour science class after saying she felt faint, reports Kare 11.

Blomme's students were relocated to the school's gymnasium as paramedics attempted to save her, reports Kare 11. School district spokesperson Rachel Hicks said in a statement that Blomme had suffered a medical emergency, reports the Star Tribune. Blomme died at the hospital later that day.

Blomme's brother-in-law David Blomme said she was in good health when the incident happened, and the family does not know what the immediate cause may have been, reports the Star Tribune.

The Menlo Park community is mourning her loss. Her students spent Tuesday talking with faculty about what had happened, reports Kare 11.

Her brother-in-law had said she enjoyed working at the nontraditional high school because she believed she "could make a change and could also learn from her students," reports the Star Tribune.

"Lori served many roles to many people, and she filled them with great competence and compassion," Menlo Park Director Helen Henly said, according to the Star Tribune. "Her spirit will continue to be with us, and she will be greatly missed by all of us."

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