Orionid meteor shower peaks over weekend

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The annual Orionid meteor shower will light up the night sky Saturday as the Earth passes through debris left by Haley's comet, reports National Geographic.

The shower will be at its most brilliant on Saturday night just before dawn, according to Fox News.

Stargazers can expect up to 60 or more meteors per hour and can be easily seen without a telescope, according to the LA Times.

Viewers may also be able to see "fireballs", which are small space rocks that burn visibly as they reach the earth's atmosphere.

"Even if you must make do with less-than-ideal sky conditions, the view of a swift Orionid or a bright fireball will make the watch worthwhile," Griffith Observatory astronomer Anthony Cook told National Geographic.

The Orinoid meteor shower gets its name because the shooting stars appear to be coming from the constellation of Orion the mythical greek hunter, according to the LA Times.

While the debris left by Haley's comet can be seen every October, Haley's comet is not expected to pass the earth until July 2061, according to National Geographic.

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