11 Palestinians killed as Israel Hamas conflict escalates

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An Israeli bomb destroyed a house in the Gaza strip, killing 11 Palestinian civilians as Wednesday, reports the New York Times.

Israel was targeting a top militant when it hit the three story home, killing 10 family members, including four children, in the blast, reports MSNBC.

Israel has not confirmed whether the intended Hamas military target was killed in the airstrike, reports CNN.

At least 75 Palestinians have been killed at least 600 injured in the conflict so far in the conflict that has gone on for almost a week, according to the New York Times. In Israel, three have been killed and dozens injured so far.

Israel said that Hamas had launched more than 150 rockets into Israel in a single day, and their airstrike was in retaliation, according to CNN.

Hamas is hoping for an end to the Israeli blockade and trade embargo of the Gaza Strip's shores, reports CNN. Nabil Sha'ah, a Palestinian negotiator, said Hamas is demanding an end to Israel's "Draconian siege of the Gaza that prevents anything from going in and out" of the region.

Both sides met in Egypt to discuss a to the conflict late Sunday, according to CNN.

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