Analysis Entry: Number Use

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A New York Times article about presidential election results in Florida uses numbers and percentages to show how close the vote was.

Overall, the article's use of numbers was effective and helped demonstrate how slim of a victory it was for Obama. While it could be too number heavy for some readers, as an election article it would be difficult to tell the story without a lot of statistics.

The second paragraph lists the percentage difference between him and Romney, but also provides the information in difference of votes. By listing the information in two ways, it can help readers understand just how close of a race it was in Florida.

The article goes on to tell about voter turnout. Again, it lists the information in two ways: the number of Floridians who voted, and the percentage of registered voters who voted in this election. It also tells how many voters cast early or absentee ballots, though it does not convert this into a percentage.

Because the article is focusing on how late Florida's results for the election were determined, it also tells how many votes were cast as in person absentee ballots just days before the election. The article mentioned that some votes were cast after Obama had been declared the winner, but missed an opportunity to provide numbers and did not have any further information.

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