Indianapolis neighborhood explosion kills 2, injures 7

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Officials are investigating an explosion Indianapolis neighborhood that killed two and destroyed 27 homes, according to MSNBC.

Two adults were killed in the blast Saturday night and seven more were sent to area hospitals with injuries from the blast and resulting fires, reports CNN.

Dozens of homes were affected. Aerial video shows homes reduced to their foundations from the fires and others destroyed by the blast, reports CNN.

Five homes were destroyed by the explosion and require demolition, reports CNN. 31 other homes suffered major damages that may make them uninhabitable.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Officials say that there were no reports of gas smells prior to the blast, reports CNN.

The owners of the house where the explosion took place were not home at the time, according to Fox News. The owner's father said he had received a text from his daughter about a faulty furnace in the home.

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