Israeli airstrike kills Hamas military chief and 7 others

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Israel launched a series of airstrikes Wednesday, hitting at least 20 targets and killing Hamas's top military commander, according to the New York Times.

Ahmed Jabari was the senior commander of the Ezzidine Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing, according to MSNBC. The brigades released a statement saying that Israel had "opened the gates to hell."

Hamas medical sources said the attack injured 84 people and killed at least eight others, including two young girls and Jabari's son, according to CNN.

Israel's attack is due to rising tensions in the region in recent weeks, according to the New York Times. Gaza has launched more than 750 rockets into Israel's southern region this year, frightening the Israeli population and destroying homes.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Brgi. Gen. Yoav Moredachai said that a land invasion of the Gaza region is a possibility as attacks from both sides escalate, reports MSNBC.

"All options that allow us to cause seriously damage to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations are on the table," he said.

The U.N. held an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss the attacks, reports CNN. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for an emergency session with the League of Arab States to discuss "Israeli aggression."

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