Obama to win re-election, news networks project

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Networks project that President Barack Obama will win re-election after winning in several crucial swing states Tuesday night.

Obama won the 270 electoral votes necessary to win re-election, defeating Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a hard-fought campaign with the economy as the central issue, reports MSNBC.

Obama lead the race early on by winning a majority in Pennsylvania, a battleground state that the Romney focused on last minute for support, reports Fox News. Obama's win in Ohio and later his wins in Oregon and Iowa secured the president's victory.

Ohio is a part of Obama's "Midwestern firewall," a line of states that also includes Iowa and Wisconsin, reports MSNBC.

Despite his win in battleground state North Carolina, Romney's chances at winning the election became much slimmer after Obama won in other swing states, reports Fox News.

"This happened because of you," Obama's official twitter account posted to his supporters shortly after the results, according to the New York Times. "Thank you."

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