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World's oldest person passes away in Georgia

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A 116-year-old Georgia woman recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person alive died Tuesday in a nursing home.

Besse Cooper died at Park Place Nursing Home in Monroe, Georgia, her son Sidney Cooper told MSNBC.

"She looked really good when she passed away," he said. He said she died peacefully and without suffering.

Besse Cooper had told the Guinness Book of World Records her secret to a long life was "minding her own business and not eating junk food," according to CNN.

Cooper was one of the first women to vote in an election in Georgia, according to MSNBC.

Cooper had joined the women's suffrage movement in 1920, reports CNN. She was a 24-year-old school teacher at the time and said she voted in nearly every election since the 19th amendment was passed.

Divers searching for missing Colorado teen

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Divers and cadaver dogs resumed their search Monday for a teen who went missing near Colorado lake.

Dylan Redwine, 13, has been missing for a week according to MSNBC. He was visiting his father over thanksgiving break in southwestern Colorado when he disappeared.

Redwine was reported missing by his father, Mark Redwine, on Nov. 19, according to MSNBC. Mark Redwine said he had left the house that day around 7:30 and when he returned a few hours later his son was missing.

Divers from the New Mexico State Police are searching the Vallecito Reservoir, reports MSNBC. Police and cadaver dogs are also searching the 12 miles of shoreline around the reservoir.

La Plata County Sheriff's spokesman Dan Bender said that a lack of evidence and information makes the search effort difficult, according to Fox News.

"Without any clues, we need to consider any and all possibilities," Bender said. He went on to say that a runaway scenario has not been ruled out.

Redwine was described as 5 feet tall and 105 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue and white baseball cap and black Nike t-shirt, reports Fox News.

Indianapolis neighborhood explosion kills 2, injures 7

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Officials are investigating an explosion Indianapolis neighborhood that killed two and destroyed 27 homes, according to MSNBC.

Two adults were killed in the blast Saturday night and seven more were sent to area hospitals with injuries from the blast and resulting fires, reports CNN.

Dozens of homes were affected. Aerial video shows homes reduced to their foundations from the fires and others destroyed by the blast, reports CNN.

Five homes were destroyed by the explosion and require demolition, reports CNN. 31 other homes suffered major damages that may make them uninhabitable.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Officials say that there were no reports of gas smells prior to the blast, reports CNN.

The owners of the house where the explosion took place were not home at the time, according to Fox News. The owner's father said he had received a text from his daughter about a faulty furnace in the home.

Obama to win re-election, news networks project

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Networks project that President Barack Obama will win re-election after winning in several crucial swing states Tuesday night.

Obama won the 270 electoral votes necessary to win re-election, defeating Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a hard-fought campaign with the economy as the central issue, reports MSNBC.

Obama lead the race early on by winning a majority in Pennsylvania, a battleground state that the Romney focused on last minute for support, reports Fox News. Obama's win in Ohio and later his wins in Oregon and Iowa secured the president's victory.

Ohio is a part of Obama's "Midwestern firewall," a line of states that also includes Iowa and Wisconsin, reports MSNBC.

Despite his win in battleground state North Carolina, Romney's chances at winning the election became much slimmer after Obama won in other swing states, reports Fox News.

"This happened because of you," Obama's official twitter account posted to his supporters shortly after the results, according to the New York Times. "Thank you."

14 rescued, 2 missing from sinking ship in North Carolina

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The Coast Guard rescued 14 crewmembers Monday and is searching for two others after their ship began sinking off the North Carolina coast.

The crew of the three-mast ship set off a distress signal Sunday night when the ship began to take on water and they were forced to abandon ship, reports NBC news.

The Coast Guard said that while all 16 crewmembers made it into life rafts, only 14 were lifted to safety by Coast Guard helicopters, reports the Coshocton Tribune.

The ship, bound for St. Petersburg, Fla., had to battle 18-foot waves and 40 mph winds despite its attempt to avoid Hurricane Sandy, reports NBC.

"They were staying in constant contact with the National Hurricane Center," director of the HMS Bounty Organization Tracie Simonin said. "They were trying to make it around the storm."

The search is under way for the two missing crewmembers and it is still unclear why they were not among the rescued, reports the Coshocton Tribune.

Lance Armstrong stripped of all Tour de France titles

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The International Cycling Union announced Monday that it supports the decision to take Lance Armstrong out of the record books and ban him from the sport for life.

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and been banned from professional cycling, reports the New York Times.

"Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling and he deserves to be forgotten," President of the International Cycling Union Pat McQuaid said. "This is a landmark day for cycling."

McQuaid announced that the union will not appeal the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's condemnation of Armstrong and was "sickened" by the evidence presented in the 200-page report, according to NBC news.

Armstrong and his representatives have not commented, though in Augest the cyclist had argued against the charges, calling the process "one-sided and unfair", reports CNN.

The World Anti-Doping Agency will make the final decision on whether it will appeal the ruling within the next 21 days, according to the New York Times.

Maine earthquake shakes New England region

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A 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck Maine Tuesday evening and was felt around New England, reports NBC news.

The quake occurred at 7:12 p.m. ET just three miles west of Hollis Center, Maine and 20 miles west of Portland, according to NBC news.

Residents in many states reported shaking but there are not yet reports of serious damage or any injuries, reports CBS news.

The quake was reportedly shallow at 3.1 miles deep, but was felt by people as far south as Connecticut, according to NBC news.

"People in New England, and in its geological extension southward through Long Island, have felt small earthquakes and suffered damage from infrequent larger ones since colonial times," The U.S. Geological survey said.

"Moderately damaging earthquakes strike somewhere in the region every few decades, and smaller earthquakes are felt roughly twice a year."

A 5.8 earthquake shook Virginia in August and was also felt throughout the northeastern region.

Doping report for Lance Armstrong released

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The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has released details on American cyclist Lance Armstrong's involvement in what it is calling "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen."

In the report, Armstrong is accused of using, supplying and actively encouraging other teammates to use performance-enhancing drugs, according to the New York Times. The USADA is accusing him of playing a central role in the scheme.

Testimony from 26 people, including eleven of Armstrong's former teammates, contributed to 150 pages of allegations that have cost Armstrong his seven Tour de France wins, reports the Star Tribune.

Teammates on Armstrong's United States Postal Service testified to using various drugs to boost performance including a human growth factor called EPO, testosterone and a human blood product called Actovegin, reports NBC news.

Lab results, financial payments and e-mail messages suggest that Armstrong used banned performance-enhancing drugs as well as blood transfusions, reports the New York Times.

Border Patrol agent fatally shot in Arizona

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Two Border Patrol agents were shot, one fatally, in a shooting early Tuesday near Naco, Arizona, according to the New York Times.

Three agents were responding to an activated motion sensor along the Mexican border at approximately 1:50 a.m when the shooting occurred, reports the New York Times.

The agent who was killed was identified as Nicholas Ivie from Provo, Utah, according to CNN. He joined Border Patrol in January 2008.

The other agent's name has not been released but after being airlifted to a local hospital he is in stable condition and is expected to survive, according to NBC news.

The FBI and the Cochise County Sheriff's Office are conducting a joint investigation of the shooting, according to CNN.

LA avoids a citywide traffic jam during "Carmageddon II"

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Los Angeles residents were told to brace themselves for traffic as a portion of one of America's busiest highways was shut down for construction, reports NBC news.

Construction crews worked on a section of Interstate 405 near the Mulholland Drive Bridge over the weekend in order to add another carpool lane, according to NBC news.

The shut down is being called "Carmageddon II", reports CBS news, because it is a sequel to last year's Carmageddon which shut down 10 miles of the road for a construction project near Sepulveda Pass.

The closed section of the highway sees approximately 500,000 commuters on an average weekend day, and LA officials say that at least two-thirds would have to stay off the roads, reports NBC news. Officials say that if drivers do not heed the warnings, a citywide traffic jam could occur.

Spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Rick Jagger told CBS Sunday that crews have been working non-stop since last Friday.

Jagger said that construction was on schedule and the road will open as planned on Monday at 5 a.m.