Distributed Families and Technologies that connect them

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Catherine Solheim and Polina Levchenko introduce the topic by discussing their personal reasons for an interest in the subject - they both have families that live in other countries. Polina begins by discussing international marriages. Technology can facilitate potential spouses getting to know one another. Technology can also interfere with relationship. Mentioned "stranger effect" since they lack face to face communication. Problems also arise due to cultural differences.

Catherine discusses her research with Mexican immigrants who worked in agriculture. They all cited economic reasons for coming to Minnesota. Some workers came with their families, some alone. All remitted money to Mexico. All spoke, by phone, almost daily with their families in Mexico.

Discussed women from the global south who comes to the north to care for children. They keep in touch with their own children using technology.

Panel discussion
Asked Polina if the constant communication with her family via technology augments reverse culture shock.
Polina felt that communication with her family and her country actually helped prevent culture shock.

Discussed topics of communication - personal information vs more general topics

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