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Discussing the road as a divide - the beach side display lavish hotels, beautiful beaches. Across the road is a different story. Small shops with dirt floors are the norm. Mariposa foundation works with those on this side of the road. Works with young, adolescent girls.Wanted to embed technology into the curriculum. This did not work out. Instead, worked with 3 girls after class.

The video shows one of the girls in her home introducing her family. The second girl Donna worked with had a brother who served as a translator.Each of the three girls wrote a story to be created digitally. Used Google translator to facilitate discussion when no translator was available.

Interesting video of the girls working on their project using the laptop.Donna felt that she was a second mother of Rosa and Rosa and her sisters feel the same.

The discussion involved the use of the video (it is available on Donna's website)


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