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Blogging is a fun and interesting way to spend my time

Watch out blogosphere because here comes a new entry. Well technically you wouldn't need to be that cautious because I am a new blogger to this realm and am probably considered a noob in the blogging world. Regardless, I feel blogging has given me a new sense of social responsibility. Not only will people be skimming over this blog, but someone may actually read it! Eek Gad! (is that a word? I remember Robin from the campy '70's Batman used to say that.)
Unlike someone we have studied (Keen, cough) I think web 2.0 is a very awesome opportunity to increase my social networking skills. In this blog I intend to let every blogger on know that I find blogs to be exciting. I'm actually having much more fun with this than anticipated.
I believe I will leave this blog with a quote from my good friend Christopher Walken. "The past is the past, the future's now!" I believe he was referring to the revolution of social networking and interacting in online communities. I'm not sure though because the quote is from Joe Dirt, a movie that touched on many social issues.

Later Gators