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Newspapers;Fate of the free press!

In class on Wednesday we discussed notions of the newspaper industry, examining specifically the example of the LA Times. In class we were talking about the future of the newspaper industry and I chimed in with a poorly phrased discussion topic. Here is what I was getting at.

I was discussing newspapers and their need to change formats in order to achieve success. In class we had discussed the idea of having an electronic scroll that could access and display daily news via news sources; ie the LA Times. Basically all this technology would be is a touch screen monitor that could access news sources, load the daily paper and display the information on a collapsible display.

The reason I believe this new format will save the newspaper industry is because it mixes the old with the new. Newspapers have been around for centuries, and as John Stewart of the Daily Show said "There's nothing better than a coffee and a cigarette while thumbing through the morning paper. " He is 100% correct for many consumers across the globe. Sadly, online editions are free and since nobody can turn down freebies the newspaper industry has begun to suffer. Still, there are many enthusiasts that still start their daily routine with a newspaper.

The answer is clear; build a technology that is able to download any paper with the click of a button, or in this case, a touch of the screen. My idea is a scroll that can download any paper on the planet via touchscreen and wireless technology. Newspapers need to embrace the internet if they are going to become successful once more. The internet provides users the alternatives they need for a change in the medium.

Think of all the success the industry could experience. With the touch screen technology users could actually thumb through the paper without all the mess and expense of printing and distributing papers.

To wrap up this lengthy blog I will summarize my newspaper idea. It is a collapsible, touch screen scroll with the potential to access the internet. This allows users to actually flip through, interact with and choose their newspapers with great ease. It would also allow distributors to cut costs majorly and maintain a sense of real journalism.