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March 13, 2009

That Being Said

This entry is going to focus on the similarities between Spring Break and New Media.

Spring Break is:
A Great Opportunity to Get to Know People Intimately
Really Really Cool
A Great Way to Share Things, especially in the field of communication
A Place where I can be who I want to be.

This is the same for New Media and the internet, especially with Social Networking. Social Networks are built on a fun foundation. If people didn't like to use them there wouldn't be nearly as many people socially linked in as we see today. This, obviously, makes New Media very exciting as well.

Getting to know people is another great function of new media. The internet offers a wide variety of social interaction. This makes New Media something that is Really Really Cool. It also serves as a means to transform yourself to whomever you'd like to be.

Obviously, this blog is a bit cheesy and has probably only served as a way to make you chuckle. Hope your spring break is as fun and exciting as any of our New Media!

A Global Workplace

Today in class we discussed the possibility of a global workspace where jobs are dictated by need rather than by hour. This seems to be the most efficient way to do business so in this respect I couldn't argue. I do feel strongly on the topic, however so I feel I should let you in on my side of the issue. I feel a global economy will benefit not only the individual, but also the economy in general.

Think of all the time spent at work that is wasted. Why, as we speak I am being paid by Citadel Broadcasting. Yet I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. That is because in most current careers people are burdened with time to kill. It is far too common for an everyday worker to kill hours online. In a task based work force this wouldn't be existant. I feel that as the world becomes more connected, as communication because easier and faster, we will experience a transition to task based work rather than hourly.

This is a good thing. The world will benefit and we will be able to work on our own time, in our own workplace and at our own discression. This is the highest form of democracy. I hope we can achieve much more task based career options in the near future. It is a good thing.