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Blog Prompt 9 Response

Blog Prompt 9 response- Sara and Christa- Goal 4 reduce child mortality

• Start with video
o Nice images and quotes
o Millennium Development Goal 4
• Most deaths are preventable
• 1354 children will die during this class
• Sierra Leone
o Worst child mortality rating in the world
o Western Africa- 20 dif ethnic groups
o Farming, diamonds, gold
o Poorly managed, weak infrastructure
o Government corruption and diamond industry led to civil war- RUF
o Amputated extremities to eliminate number of useful soldiers
o Kidnapped children to raise them as soldiers
o Slowly improving, though large steps need to be taken
o 270/1000 children under 5 will die- 6.5 children per woman
o Little sanitation
o Causes of child mortality
• Malnutrition, no sanitation, no healthcare etc
o Solutions
• Improve newborn care
• Distribution of supplements
• Immunization
• Mosquito nets
o UNICEF example
o Action Against Hunger
o Feed my Starving Children- Minnesota
o Nothing but Nets- internet business- play the game!
o Push widespread action

I think this group put together a nice presentation, the video was a fantastic touch, however, I am not sure they pushed the envelope with their solution. They stated good solutions and pointed out good organizations to follow, however they did not propose much that would elevate the rate of improvement towards the resolution of this problem. Granted, the solutions are widely known, and they pointed out that the problem comes in the execution, but they did not point out a way to eradicate this problem. Really, for every Millennium Development Goal a solution is pre-existing, but the idea behind this assignment, in my opinion was to think the problem from a slightly new perspective.