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Global Partnership for Development

When i think of a development i instantly get a picture in my head of a rural area in a northern suburb of st. paul being transformed into a residential neighborhood with enormous homes and perfect yards. This may come from the family of builders i was raised in. The topic around the table was very often a new "development", and where it will be and what features this nieghborhood will have over another.


So when i think of "Global Partnership for Development", imediatley what comes to mind is a globe covered in plan view drawings of a middle to upper class neighborhood. However imediatley after that thought is "that thought is bogus."
To further understand the goal at hand and what it meant i went to the website of the millenium development project. The website explains the project of goal 8 to be about 1.) developing a stable trade and fiancial system that is as fair to underdeveloped and poorer countries as the wealthier countries, 2.) recognizing the need of poorer countries as well as land locked and small island countries and adapting rules and regulations to allow them to grow and trade with others, 3.) make debt sustainable in the long run, 4.) create good work and working conditions for youth, 5.) provide access to necessary drugs at an affoardable price to developing countries, 6.) make new technology available, especially that of communcaitons. with these ideas in mind i have found pictures and songs i believe portray the values described.



I selected the pictures above to show the vast difference in one part of the world to the next. It is showing how one area may be doing very well with the crop it is producing and a large freight ship working for the trade between regions, while in the last picture there are delapitated shacks and broken boats. I think this picture says a lot about many third world regions. The larger version of this picture shows many more busted up boats scatterd throughout the area. I think this suggests that at one time the people of the area worked in the water and used what was possibly gathered from the waters to trade in the community. I think whatever labor was done in the boats ended up not being worth the work and the people stopped using the boats all together. If the area and shacks looked the same but the boats in the picture were being repaired and fixed, this would send a very different message. To me, the picture describes how difficul it will be to actually put into place a international trade plan and make it fair and rresonable for as many poor countries to participate as possible.

One song i would choose for a playlist to go with this topic is "waiting on the world to change" by John Mayer. I think this song is very true for many many, many people in the world. So many people are "just waitin for the world to change," rather than being apart of something that actually may help something improve from the state that it is in. Not that there aren't many couragous people around the world doing just the opposite of waiting, but i think that amount is still far from that that are waiting.