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Social Dzine

This is Minnesota. It's cold. If hell were cold it would be this cold. and then it would throw in a nice day in which may get to 30 degrees to get your hopes up and then slam your face in the ground with a day at -10 and -30 windchill. What are we to do in minneapolis when its winter? go walk around the lovely Nicollett Mall? i think ill pass. Wecould stay inside and read? but staying inside gets very old very quick and i dont think i've found a book in my lifetime that could make me sit down and read for the fun of reading it, at least for a 4 month winter. We could go sledding or skating at the park? But that would require haveing a pak to do that at. I think a major social desgin issue in minneapolis is the lack of usable parks. Sure there are parks, however many can only be enjoyed in the summertime. Any decent ice for skating or hockey is only found inside and requires you to pay.

Why is it that Minneapolis lacks an abundance of winter activities? We live in the winter for four to five months out of the year. This isn;t a new adventure, this winter thing. As i look at maps of parks in the area i find that there quite a few in the entire minneapolis area, but when it comes to the university campus there are hardly any. and of the "hardly any" maybe one is maintained and used in the winter. This is a problem.