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Structured Influence

The built environment has an enormous imapct on who people are and who we grow to be. The areas of the world have very different climates contributing to very different solutions to discomforts and respnoses to comforts.
The built environment has inspired me to pursue an education to become a builder and designer of the environment around me. When i come across a structure that inspires me and makes me feel a certain way, i want to learn whatit is about the structure that presents that feeling, so that i can create something incorporating some element which envokes a feeling i want to portray. Also, i can be inspired to learn what makes a sturcture have an undesirable feel. Through that knowledge i can learn to remove that element to prevent the structure from having that feel.
As i have come across structure through my life i have noticed that what inspires me the most are venues. What inspires me about these structes is often the size. How something can be very massive and work in way to bring entertainment and knowledge into the public and present it in a way that draws 20,000+ people to gather in one place. Not only this but look as entertaining on the outside as the events which take place on the inside.