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Looking through the work of the suggested magazines, i felt great inspiration to create something creative that still held a certain feeling and meaning. I found it very interesting how the creative styles of the CMYK and PRINT create a completly different feeling than that of just simply stating in the center of the page, a title. Looking at their various exmples of contents and cover pages made me realize just how immense the possiblities to create a page, that has the same information as another, in so many differnt ways. Similarly to the blog promts. There are over one hundred students in the class i'm sure not one page looks the same as the next, even when writing about the same promt. I find this fascinating. it just goes to show how differently everyone thinks. Like Ozayr had mentiond in his lecture on architecturee and history, "everyone has a different background, everyone has different baggage." this couldnt be more true, and not only in the context of history, but everything. Becaus eof everyone's different background we have design and form and solution for one problem, and there is an infinate way of getting there.