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MDG goal presentaion thoughts:1 excellant; 1 honors? your kidding?

I thought that for the most part the goal presentations went very well. The one i thought was the most well organized was the presentation about hunger in our discusion section. The layout of the power point was smooth and everyone had a good idea about the topic they we going to talk about. The project i isliked the most was one of the honors groups. Now due to my procrastination i have forgoten exactly which goal they were talking about but it had to due with revamping the rapson housing project in the cedar/ riverside neighborhood. they had good intentions but their ideas were absolutly not practical for the situation. with everything they wanted to change it would probably be cheaper to tear the entire place down and build a new one. I find it interesting how these 'honor students' can be absolutly ignorant to the reality of doing everything they had suggested for that site. completley impractical