March 3, 2008


If i was released form the constraints of school, there are many things i would do, many of which would probably not do anything positive for the environment, but nothing negative either, which may be a positive thing i guess.


Having no school constraints i would bike to duluth and around the munger trail area, specifically the boundary segment. Doing this would give me inspiration and ideas pertaining to the structure and outside in planning for any tyoe of building that someone may want to build in the st. croix valley. immersing myself in the wilderness and only moving through it on my own power would create an experience and hopeefully a better understanding of the environment i could potentially be dealing with.
I have active in biking my whole life, more intensley in mtb in the last 5 years. When making the grueling trip up the moutain, it gives me a much greater appreciation for the power and strength associated with the land forms. Once at the top the descent is like a puzzle much like building something, you have make decisions and judgments based on what is in front of you, some you can see coming and prepare for so when the tree line or ridge comes your prepared with a route around it. many times, there are things that can be seen and judgments need to be made quickley but carefully because going off the bike over the front tire only feels good the first couple times, after that it just sucks.

February 26, 2008

Global Partnership for Development

When i think of a development i instantly get a picture in my head of a rural area in a northern suburb of st. paul being transformed into a residential neighborhood with enormous homes and perfect yards. This may come from the family of builders i was raised in. The topic around the table was very often a new "development", and where it will be and what features this nieghborhood will have over another.


So when i think of "Global Partnership for Development", imediatley what comes to mind is a globe covered in plan view drawings of a middle to upper class neighborhood. However imediatley after that thought is "that thought is bogus."
To further understand the goal at hand and what it meant i went to the website of the millenium development project. The website explains the project of goal 8 to be about 1.) developing a stable trade and fiancial system that is as fair to underdeveloped and poorer countries as the wealthier countries, 2.) recognizing the need of poorer countries as well as land locked and small island countries and adapting rules and regulations to allow them to grow and trade with others, 3.) make debt sustainable in the long run, 4.) create good work and working conditions for youth, 5.) provide access to necessary drugs at an affoardable price to developing countries, 6.) make new technology available, especially that of communcaitons. with these ideas in mind i have found pictures and songs i believe portray the values described.



I selected the pictures above to show the vast difference in one part of the world to the next. It is showing how one area may be doing very well with the crop it is producing and a large freight ship working for the trade between regions, while in the last picture there are delapitated shacks and broken boats. I think this picture says a lot about many third world regions. The larger version of this picture shows many more busted up boats scatterd throughout the area. I think this suggests that at one time the people of the area worked in the water and used what was possibly gathered from the waters to trade in the community. I think whatever labor was done in the boats ended up not being worth the work and the people stopped using the boats all together. If the area and shacks looked the same but the boats in the picture were being repaired and fixed, this would send a very different message. To me, the picture describes how difficul it will be to actually put into place a international trade plan and make it fair and rresonable for as many poor countries to participate as possible.

One song i would choose for a playlist to go with this topic is "waiting on the world to change" by John Mayer. I think this song is very true for many many, many people in the world. So many people are "just waitin for the world to change," rather than being apart of something that actually may help something improve from the state that it is in. Not that there aren't many couragous people around the world doing just the opposite of waiting, but i think that amount is still far from that that are waiting.

February 14, 2008

Social Dzine

This is Minnesota. It's cold. If hell were cold it would be this cold. and then it would throw in a nice day in which may get to 30 degrees to get your hopes up and then slam your face in the ground with a day at -10 and -30 windchill. What are we to do in minneapolis when its winter? go walk around the lovely Nicollett Mall? i think ill pass. Wecould stay inside and read? but staying inside gets very old very quick and i dont think i've found a book in my lifetime that could make me sit down and read for the fun of reading it, at least for a 4 month winter. We could go sledding or skating at the park? But that would require haveing a pak to do that at. I think a major social desgin issue in minneapolis is the lack of usable parks. Sure there are parks, however many can only be enjoyed in the summertime. Any decent ice for skating or hockey is only found inside and requires you to pay.

Why is it that Minneapolis lacks an abundance of winter activities? We live in the winter for four to five months out of the year. This isn;t a new adventure, this winter thing. As i look at maps of parks in the area i find that there quite a few in the entire minneapolis area, but when it comes to the university campus there are hardly any. and of the "hardly any" maybe one is maintained and used in the winter. This is a problem.

February 5, 2008

Energy & Flow

There can be flow without energy but without flow there will be no energy. Rivers wind, and roads bend and both seem to lead us to the same place. The City. But is this really the case. Without the flow of the river where does the city come from and with no city there will be no road necessary to lead us to it. The city began because of the flow of the river and now thrives off of the energy of the people in it, without this energy the city becaomes nothing, no longer dependent on the river as in decades of the past. The people are what makes a city a city.