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Jetliner crashes, killing 88 in Thailand

By Ryan Prescher

A passenger plane crashed Sunday afternoon in Phuket, Thailand carrying mostly foreign tourists. According to the article on MSNBC.com “88 killed in Thailand plane crash, official says? written by the Associated Press, a U.S. made McDonald-82 jetliner for the budget One-Two-Go Airline based in Thailand tried to land in pouring rain and poor visibility when it crashed. The plane was carrying 123 passengers, and 88 were confirmed dead.

The MSNBC.com article is well written and to the point considering how very little information and specifics are available about the crash. The article contains eyewitness accounts from several passengers on the plane, which make the story even more readable and captivating. One passenger commented on the amount of people he saw on fire. Another commented on how he knew even before landing that something was wrong with the plane. With the airline industry recently liberated within Thailand, the article makes mentioning of the booming business and about several airline accidents within the last few years. This added information in the article not only addresses the concern of safety about this crash, but of the entire budget airline industry. While the article is informative and very easy to read, several typos take notoriety away from the article and more importantly, MSNBC.

Another source with a multitude of information concerning the airplane crash is the CNN.com article “87 killed in Thai plane crash, officials say?. The title is almost the exact same with the exception of the death toll numbers. It is interesting to see that there are differing numbers on the total dead because the Associated Press provided the information for both articles. Similar to the headline, the information and sources are very similar to the MSNBC article because the Associated Press supplied the information; however, some information from the sources is different and explained better. For example, the CNN article has specific numbers about the foreigners injured and about their nationalities. The quotes from passengers aboard the flight are more descriptive and understandable. The CNN article also presents eight different pictures and a video about the crash. The CNN article does not include information about previous accidents in Thailand or about the budget airline boom.

Overall, both articles bring different positive aspects to the forefront. The CNN article allows for a more in-depth read with pictures and video, while the MSNBC.com article presents a news and fact based article with questions and analyses that are likely to stir debate.