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Myanmar protests become violent with at least nine people dead

By Ryan Prescher

Protests in Burma (Myanmar) turned deadly on Thursday, according to the CNN article “Internet cut as violence continues? by the Associated Press. Protests against the ruling government started in mid-August, and Thursday, military troops opened fire on protestors in the city of Yangon killing at least nine people. Friday, troops again, open fired on protestors. “Witnesses told CNN that police opened fire on crowds to disperse demonstrators resulting in fatalities,? the article read. One Western witness said he saw 35 bodies lying in the streets. The government cut Internet connections on Friday to prevent information and images of the violence from leaving the country.

The CNN article delivers primarily basic facts about the deadliest protests in a month that occurred Thursday and Friday morning. There seems to be no real organizational pattern to the article. The lead is written well and delivers facts, but more information could have been included. I felt like I was forced to read the whole article in order to fully understand what happened. It was hard to decipher if the article was talking about the Friday morning protests or the Thursday afternoon protests. While this article lacks organization, the sources used were credible. CNN also included many pictures, a timeline, and a very descriptive video of the shooting that occurred Thursday.

Another electronic source containing information about the Myanmar conflict is the article “Myanmar crowds taunt soldiers and police? from MSNBC.com and written by Reuters. The article has a much different layout and focus. The article does not focus on the Thursday shootings or even the Friday morning speculated causalities. The focus is on the “taunting? of soldiers by protesters, and the history behind the government. The article does make some mentioning of the restrictions put into place Friday morning in anticipation of more chaos. Several sources were included along with eyewitness accounts. Similar to the CNN article, this article is unorganized and all over the place. Again, I had to read the whole article to understand what the reporter was explaining. MSNBC.com also included pictures and a video of the news.

Both of these stories lacked organization. There is a lot of information coming in about the Myanmar conflict; however, the articles should have done a better job of organizing their content. Separate articles could have been used. Bullet points on important facts or even shortened stories would have made the stories much more interesting and readable.