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Photo cop stirs up controversy, again

By Ryan Prescher

The “stoplight photo-cop? created controversy long before it was terminated and found unconstitutional, and now, many people ticketed do not want to pay the $150 fine. The primary focus of the article found in the Star Tribune, “Some nabbed by stoplight photo-cop reject city’s offer, want money back? by Steve Brandt, is that 150 people who already paid ticket fines for running red lights want their money back. The city of Minneapolis previously offered a deal that included “rebuffing? their record; however, the ticket fine was still included, even after the program was found illegal. According to the article, there will be a ruling in November on this particular case of 150. In addition, the article explains that there is much more behind this topic. Another lawyer is planning to file an action lawsuit asking refunds for thousands of ticketed drivers who were affected by the “stoplight photo-cop? program. Overall, more than 26,000 drivers received tickets with the “stoplight photo-cop?.

Brandt does not take the topic lightly; he made a very clear effort to hit both sides of the story. He does an excellent job of explaining why people want their money back. In addition, Brandt uses lawyers as sources, which adds to the credibility of the story. For example, lawyer Douglas Hazelton commented, “there’s something a little bit unholy about holding the drivers accountable for something that’s later been found unconstitutional.? Brandt’s other source was assistant city attorney, Mary Ellen Heng. While Brandt did bring both sides to the story, Heng’s argument makes no sense. She compares the 150-ticketed drivers to Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho. This comparison seems to distract the readers and take away from the subject. Either way Brandt did a thorough job of using appropriate facts and seeking credible sources to make an informative piece on a very controversial issue.

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