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Summer mystery leads to new allegations toward mother

By Ryan Prescher

Reported this morning on CNN.com was a news story regarding the summer kidnapping mystery of Madeleine McCann who disappeared on May 3 in Praia da Luz, Portugal where the McCann family was vacationing. “Madeleine’s mother ‘named as suspect’? by both CNN and the AP (Associated Press) said that Kate McCann, Madeleine’s mother, is a prime suspect in the kidnapping of her daughter. While no charges have been filed, in the article, it explains that police found samples of Madeleine’s blood in a rental car that the parents rented 25 days after the report of the kidnapping. This allegation comes months after the initial disappearance and with only one other named suspect. Until now, Kate and her husband, Gerry McCann, were considered witnesses. The article states, as told to Sky News by a family relative, Philomena McCann, “…they [officials] are suggesting that Kate has in some way accidentally killed Madeleine, then kept her body, then got rid of it?.

This story has been on the back burner for a few weeks but certainly has not disappeared. The article does a thorough job of quickly explaining what initially happened back in early May and then explains the situation that unfolded in Portugal on Friday and why police made this allegation; however, the article weakens itself by only referencing a couple sources, non of which are all too important. The article attributes one family member, the family lawyer, someone named Justine McGuiness, and a reporter from CNN with no credentials named Paula Hancocks. No government officials such as police or criminal investigators are quoted within the story, which takes away credibility. If Kate McCann is a suspect and police do have evidence, then wouldn’t it be logical to seek a criminal expert involved with the case? I would think so. While a family member such as Philomena McCann may be the spokesperson for the family and the lawyer may be working with officials, it would still seem important to quote someone on the inside with the facts leading to the allegation. For readers, this story, without official sources, may seem like tabloid non-sense.

While these allegations appear to be true, many other articles provide more information that is credible. Even though there are links between every article and the Associated Press, the The New York Times provides much more information and lists credentials while MSNBC actually has a confirmed police source with detailed information.