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Blast in Pakistan kills at least 115 and injures more than 240

By Ryan Prescher

A suicide bombing targeted at former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto killed at least 115 people Thursday night in Karachi, Pakistan, the MSNBC.com article “2 blasts strike crowd celebrating Bhutto’s return? by MSNBC News Services said. The bomb went off in a crowd that was welcoming the arrival of Bhutto who was returning after eight years of exile. Two explosions went off near the truck that was carrying Bhutto. According to the article, more than 150,000 people were in the streets awaiting her arrival.

This is a tragic incident out of the Middle East. The MSNBC.com article is very extensive and includes information about the bombings, history of the former prime minister, and descriptions of the scene. Right now, much of the information is still coming over the wires, and MSNBC.com makes this evident. While MSNBC actually did their own reporting, they comment that there are several different reports on the total confirmed dead. The AP states that there are 128 dead while Reuters sites 115 people are dead. Each news service used different sources. While the article contains a lot of information, there is not a lot specifically about the bombing. The last topic of the article is specifically the description of the bombing (not so much numbers), and the photos are extremely graphic. In addition to the graphic photos of bodies and rubble, there is video footage.

Every news outlet has some mentioning of this bombing. One such source is CNN’s article “At least 110 dead in blasts near Bhutto’s convoy in Pakistan? by both AP and several of CNN’s reporters on the scene. This article is very different from the MSNBC.com. First, CNN reported much lower death tolls and numbers of those injured. In addition, descriptions in this article are vivid from the very beginning. It almost seems like a narrative. CNN reporters contributed what information they could obtain from sources and descriptions of the scene, and writers from CNN compiled it together into a cohesive story. There are several sources, and similar to the MSNBC.com article, there are very graphic photos, video footage, and a timeline of events. This article does not focus as much on the history of the former primer minister, but instead, it focuses on the news story at hand, the bombing.