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Double murder in South Minneapolis overnight

By Ryan Prescher

When Minneapolis Police arrived at the 900 block of 21st Av. N. around 2:40 a.m. Tuesday night, they found two men shot to death, the Star Tribune article “Overnight double murder not random, police say? by Tim Harlow said. The victims’ names have not been released, and no one has been arrested. A “distinct description? of the suspects does exist, Lt. Greg Reinhart said. Police believe this shooting was not random. This is the 39th and 40th homicide in Minneapolis for 2007, the article stated.

The Star Tribune article is very brief. There are three sources included in the story: Minneapolis Police, specifically, Lt. Greg Reinhart and KSTP-TV. The article presents the most up to date information about the shooting. In addition, the article gives side information about the city’s homicide count. It is strange that the police have a description of the suspects but will not release it. If someone were able to help with the case because of the descriptions given, why would the police not want to share this information?

An additional source that contained information directly about this shooting was KSTP.com. The article “Two dead after Minneapolis shooting? by Katie Hamner presents much of the same information. The only sources used in this story are the Minneapolis Police and Lt. Greg Reinhardt. In contrast to the Star Tribune article, this story contains information about the “Shot Spotter? technology that is in the area of where the shooting occurred. The article explains that this technology senses and notifies police immediately after a gun is fired. While this technology is claimed to be efficient and useful, it failed to work Tuesday night because the gun was fired in the house. Also, the KSTP.com article says the two shot were in their 20s. Lastly, the article encourages readers and viewers to call the Minneapolis Police Department tip line if they have any additional information. Similarly, to the Star Tribune article, police did not give any specific details of what the suspect appeared to look like.