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Plane crashes and catches fire in Istanbul

By Ryan Prescher

An Egyptian plane flying to Warsaw, Poland caught on fire Thursday after making an emergency landing at Istanbul’s international airport, the MSNBC.com article “Plane catches fire after emergency landing? by the Associated Press said. It was not confirmed who owned the plane. There were 126 passengers and seven crewmembers aboard, the article said. The fire was extinguished quickly, and there were no deaths. It was unconfirmed if there were any injuries, the article said. In addition, the article stated that the plane was forced to make the landing because of technical problems and due to the failure of the landing gear.

First, the breaking news out of Turkey lacks a lot of information. It seems strange that very few news outlets have any mentioning of the crash. For those sources that do mention the crash, it is not very visible. With air travel and plane safety being a big concern in the United States, it seems odd that this article is not at the forefront for viewers and readers. The question of what is newsworthy is worth debating, but that is not the purpose of this blog.

MSNBC.com was one source that did contain information about the crash. Similar to almost every news source with a mentioning of the incident, the article is very brief and lacks information about the plane crash. The AP wrote the article, and surprisingly, included one source considering the lack of information and timeliness of the incident. The source is the Dogan news agency. It seems strange that whatever information the AP received about the crash, including numbers and locations, was attributed to a news source and not police or authorities.

The other source that had information readily available was the CNN. The article “Plane fire after emergency landing? by the AP is almost exactly like the MSNBC article. The information and content is exact, but sentence structure is different. Again, the only source attributed in the story is the Dogan news agency. While this may have been the only source with information willing to comment, the information does not seem credible. Usually, in all major accidents involving many people, authorities are the source to contact for technicalities about the crash (numbers of people, deaths, injuries, where the crash happened, why it happened, etc.).

It will be interesting to see if this crash, regardless if there are injuries or not, makes the forefront in news outlets here in the U.S. Plane crashes do not happen very often, and this country is very focused on plane safety.