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Twenty-three leaders of the ETA terrorist organization in Spain arrested

By Ryan Prescher

Spanish police arrested 23 leaders of the outlawed Basque terrorist organization called ETA on Thursday, the CNN article “Spain arrests Basque leaders? by CNN Madrid Bureau Chief Al Goodman said. All 23 were arrested in the Basque town of Segura during a secret meeting. Police believe the members were transferring leadership from the veteran activists to a new set of younger leaders. The ETA members will be taken to Madrid where they will appear in court. Judge Garzon at the National Court in Madrid promised in 2006 to make the destruction of the ETA group a permanent priority. The ETA, also known as the Basque pro-independence party, is blamed for more than 800 deaths over four decades. According to the article, the ETA is to blame for many car bombings. One specific example is the Madrid Airport car bombing in December 2006 that killed two men.

First this article is very interesting. Not only is the factual news covered right away at the beginning, but also the article continues to explain a little history of the ETA group. This is a big deal for Spain and its people. The ETA group has been a terrorist organization for a very long time. This group existed before Americans really even knew what terrorists were. The article is very well written and gives the most important information in the first part of the story. The format of the story is closely related to the inverted pyramid method. In addition, the article also includes three links to previous articles and more information about the ETA group. One thing that is strange about the article is that the main attribution is “the source.? It is unclear who the reporter is referring to. If it is Judge Baltasar Garzon, then there should be an appropriate AP style introduction in the second paragraph, not five paragraphs into the story.

My search for other articles about this important event was extremely difficult. I checked both ABCnews.com and CBSnews.com; both sources lacked information about the arrests. MSNBC.com was the only source that I could find additional information on this incident. Even though it had information, I had to click several different links before I found any mentioning of the ETA arrests. The MSNBC.com article "Spanish police arrest banned Basque leaders" (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21145129/)by the Associated Press has half the information that the CNN article contains. The article is well written and contains most of the important information at the top; however, it lacks content and information from sources. Both sources were first written by the AP, but the CNN article also has information contributed by a reporter in Madrid. The MSN article is strictly AP information.


CNN “Spain arrests Basque leaders?

- Judicial source (no name)
This source is a human source, and it is authoritative.
- Judge Baltasar Garzon
It is unclear is this is the same source as the judicial source. It is a human source, and it is authoritative.

MSNBC.com “Spanish police arrest banned Basque leaders?

- Officials (Spanish police)
This is a human source, and it is authoritative.
- Judge Baltasar Garzon
This is a human source, and it is authoritative.
- News reports
This is an electronic source, and it is authoritative.
- Interior Ministry
This is a human source, and it is authoritative.